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Helping you to stay well after the treatment

Paddle can be used during and after treatment to submit and/or view the questionnaires you will be asked to complete (your clinical scores). You will be able to monitor your scores throughout treatment as well as after treatment, when patients have the option of submitting monthly questionnaires (clinical scores) for a maximum of 12 months to support staying well by monitoring progress.

After discharge Paddle will prompt you to complete the questionnaires that you regularly completed during treatment. You can:

  • See what your latest scores are.
  • Review how your scores have changed over time, with graphs for each questionnaire showing your progress.
  • Reflect on how things have been for you and what you might need to do to stay well.
  • Use Paddle’s suggestions for keeping well, as and when needed.

We would like the training video on questionnaires to be kept separate from the first training one (so the first one is about Paddle as a personal storage device and the second one is specifically about questionnaires)

Helping you to stay well after the treatment