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What is Paddle?

Paddle is a prescribed app and is only available by invitation from IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) therapists working in an NHS Talking Therapies service. Paddle is not a therapy tool in itself, however, it has been developed by patients for patients to help them make the most of therapy by storing all related information in one secure location. It can be used during, and perhaps more importantly after, a course of psychological therapy to help people stay well for longer. 

Why has it been developed?

Therapy for anxiety and/or depression often creates paperwork which is used during and between sessions to gain a better understanding of the difficulties being experienced. Patients have said that having a way of storing treatment notes and related information electronically and in one secure place (rather than having to keep lots of different pieces of paper together) would be useful to them. Patients have also indicated that all too often this information is not always readily accessible to them after leaving treatment (often papers are lost or misplaced). Paddle has been designed to address these two issues. It is a way of keeping information and learning from therapy sessions, work booklets and other related resources altogether in an organised fashion. Having information and resources in the one place within the app also ensures that important information about staying well is more readily accessible once therapy ends.


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Who is Paddle for?

Paddle has been designed specifically for people receiving a course of psychological therapy within an IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies), or ‘talking therapy’ service for anxiety and/or depression, by a group of patients, therapists and researchers working together in the Thames Valley and Milton Keynes. 

How should Paddle be used?

Paddle is a prescribed app designed to be used to store information relating to your therapy for anxiety and/or depression. The Paddle app can be downloaded for use at the start of therapy and individuals can continue to use Paddle after treatment has finished.

Need more information?

Please contact for more information.