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Key Features of Paddle

My Therapy icon
My Therapy


Add information about each session, including what you discussed, what you learnt, any actions which need to be taken, and details of any preparation which needs to be done ahead of your next therapy session.


Upload workbooks and other related materials (including questionnaires) that you may be working through in this section.


Add any reflections which you may make, both during and outside of therapy sessions in this section. You may copy these reflections/ thoughts to any other part of the app, including your Session notes.


Patients will also be able to submit and/or view their clinical scores both during and after treatment.

Library Icon


Create your own personal library of resources using your own filing system of categories. This may include images, audio files, documents, websites, and telephone numbers to use during therapy and after discharge.

Staying Well Icon
Staying Well


Add information that would be useful to have in an emergency, for example a useful telephone number, information about how to respond/ what to do when you feel like you’re about to have a panic attack, or simply an image you can use to calm yourself down in a stressful situation. This information will always be available to you, even when you are not connected to the internet.

Staying Well

Upload any information relating to staying well here, for example any ‘Staying Well’ booklet or relapse prevention worksheets that you may have worked on before ending therapy. Information on post-discharge support groups, goals for the future, and plans to keep using techniques learnt during therapy are also useful to keep here so they are easily accessible.

Questionnaires icon


Patients will also be able to submit and/or view their clinical scores both during and after treatment.

What can you do with Paddle?

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Store information about your therapy sessions (including what you discussed and learnt)

An upload icon

Upload relevant worksheets/booklets that you may be working through in therapy

An edit icon

Add reflections/thoughts you want to remember during and outside of therapy

A book icon

Create your own library of resources for use during, and after therapy ends

A warning icon

Add information that you may need to access during an emergency

A smiley face

Add information/planning documents to help keep you well after therapy ends